Who are the best Premier League Players in FIFA 18?

Chu Boi is back with his running series "Trust The Boi" to offer the FIFA community advice about the best players in FUT 18. In the first post-launch episode of EA's latest FIFA installment, Chu centers his discussion on the most popular league in FIFA Ultimate Team, the Premier League.

In his evaluation, he offers his picks for the best cheap, decent, and expensive cards. With multiple options, Chu offers his opinions and insights to help narrow down options. The video does a good job in offering choices for every gamer -- no matter how much is in their bank account.

After stating his picks, Chu calls on the services of three professional esports players: NYCFC's Christopher, Hashtag Agge, and Tass. Each of the pros provide their favorite, best. and budgeted teams.

To conclude the video, Chu shows viewers a few formations that best feature his favorite Premier League picks, putting a nice cherry on top of an well-informative video.

If you are in need of fixing your Premier League squad, check out Chu Boi's video below. To make sure you are staying within your budget, make sure you check out Futhead's price tracker on every card you're able.

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