EA confirms FIFA 18 Team of the Year won't be in October

In what can't come as that much of a surprise, late Sunday North America time/early Monday UK time, EA's FIFA social media account announced that Team of the Year will not be in October:

Perhaps the biggest upset was the time/nature of the vague announcement.

A few posts (later revealed to be an employee's "personal predictions") on the German FIFA Ultimate Team Facebook page had some speculating early this week that with the World XI's "The Best" ceremony set for Monday, October 23, Team of the Year in FIFA Ultimate Team could follow.

Savvy/knowledgeable folks in the space, such as streamer/YouTuber Chu Boi, had gone on the record earlier in the week stating that from their inside experiences (and particularly from a business standpoint), a TOTY move to October just wouldn't make sense for EA.

Now the speculation can begin as to whether or not The Best's "World XI" will even make up EA's TOTY. Team of the Year is one of the most highly anticipated (and high grossing) FIFA events of the calendar. Historically it's been identical to the FIFPro World XI. With the ceremony now seemingly "disconnected" from the promotion, EA certainly have the liberty to go in their own direction.

With three months in between the usual release time of January and Monday's ceremony, EA may finally have the carte blanche to build their own 11 (or 18 or 23 or sky's the limit, really.)

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