FIFA Mobile Pre-Season 100-overall Henrikh Mkhitaryan review

In my second FIFA Mobile Pre-Season Master Player review, we have a look at Manchester United’s tricky winger Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Unlike Fernando Torres and the CF position, Mkhitaryan and the RW spot is one that many people may already have filled with the likes of Team of the Season Lionel Messi, End of an Era Dirk Kuyt or Top Transfers Federico Bernardeschi. However, is it worth trading up your current RW to Mkhitaryan, if he plays anything like he does for Manchester United right now?

Let’s take a look at him in more detail, starting with his stats:

For people who used his 95-rated Attack Mode Master, he is roughly improved by 6 from each of those stats, with a bit extra added on to his defensive side.

He boasts an impressive 100 base pace which, when combined with his high dribbling and ball control stats, make him look like an excellent choice for the RW spot. However, he did feel quite sluggish at times when I used him. His Roulette was also very loose, which often led to him losing the ball to the keeper or defenders who were able to tackle him more easily.

His passing also looks very good on paper, with his short passing in particular standing out as a strong point. I will admit that his crossing as well was excellent for me as well some of the slightly more advanced chip passes and through balls that I made with him, but, if anything, I was having to pass with him far more than I would have liked or anticipated due to the positions he often ended up in due to his disappointing pace and somewhat poor ball control and Roulette.

My main concern with him was his shooting ‘only’ being 93 and finishing being 92. Even then, it felt far lower when I was using him, as both his curling far post efforts and powerful shots past the keeper were often off target or easily saved, which obviously is problematic with such a high-profile player.


This is the team I used him in. Due to counters, I switched between 433 and 343, mainly using the Wing Attack or Basic style to maximise his potential involvement. Having previously used the upgraded TOTS Ousmane Dembélé for a few months, I had very high hopes for Mkhitaryan, whose stats loked to be upgraded on everything Dembélé had, minus a little pace.

I played a total of 25 games across Versus Attack Mode and League vs League tournaments to get used to him and see how good he was. His stats from those games were as follows:

Goals: 44

Assists: 13

For a right winger, playing the majority of games in a Wing Attack formation, I was surprised at how little he was involved in some of the games, and that he didn’t manage to get more goals and assists than he did. When I started using him, he was only involved in 2 attacks in the entirety of the first 6 games, with my other new addition, End of an Era Frank Lampard taking up the RW role on many occasions where I would have expected Mkhitaryan to be playing.



As a Dortmund fan, my feelings towards the Armenian attacker are kind of mixed, but when I saw he was one of the 100-rated Pre-Season players and a Right Winger -- a position I needed an upgrade in -- I was always wanting to try and test him out. With his boosts of +1 Overall and +2 Ball Control to all being some of the best available, that only added to my anticipation of getting him in my team.

Let's go into a bit more detail, starting with his pace. With a boosted 116 pace, I was expecting him to be very fast and useful for outpacing defenders who tried to tackle him. However, I quickly felt that he was fairly sluggish considering his stats. He struggled to outpace many opponents, and was often caught by some defenders who wouldn't be considered ‘elite' or ‘end-game' quality, such as the 96 Global Tour Kostas Manolas, Top Transfers Leonardo Bonucci or Team of the Year Gérard Piqué.

Well if he's not fast, surely he can shoot and finish? Again, the answer is negative. Unlike LvL Juan Mata, whose curling shots bent more than a banana, Mkhitaryan seemed incapable of finishing anything beyond a simple finish in a 1v1 or a very slight curl round the keeper. More often than not, his shots would either go straight at the keeper or go sailing wide of the far post with indiscriminate reasoning. A large number of his goals did come from straight 1v1’s where he started centrally, and could put his excellent shot power to very good use. But that is probably the only positive I can make regarding his shooting which, for a Right Winger in particular, isn't good.

As I mentioned earlier, one part of the game where the Armenian excelled was his passing. Whether it was a short and simple pass, a long cross-field through ball or a cross from the touchline, he found his target almost every time. This did lead to a few extra goals for my team, and assists for him which helped make up for his lack of finishing.

His dribbling seemed very difficult to judge. When he was good, he was very good, being able to weave in and out of defenders in a Messi-esque fashion. In terms of close control, he was excellent one turn and then terrible the next with no way of determining which it would be beforehand. This seemed to have a knock-on effect on his Roulette, as it almost always resulted in him losing the ball due to him flicking the ball too far ahead of him.

With him being sluggish, his strength was put to the test on many occasions. I wouldn't say he passed with flying colours, but he did win a fair share of physical battles against tough opponents such as Carniball Thiago Silva and his fellow Pre-Season players Leighton Baines and Javier Mascherano.


I know how many people who obtained his Attack Mode Master were very happy with him, but, his 100 Overall version simply isn’t worth getting in my opinion. His very limited involvement which, when combined with his fairly mediocre goals/assists return, is very poor considering the cost to make him -- including the highly demanded Rank Up token.

His pace, dribbling and finishing are not as good as his stats may suggest. He often felt sluggish and struggled to get away from some of the ‘slower’ defenders such as Gerard Piqué, meaning he had very little chance against the more elite defenders that I came up against in the higher reaches of FIFA Champion.

His shooting is incredibly inconsistent and he missed a large amount of chances that I feel like he should have scored, or one of my other players would have finished.

Moreover, his dribbling and ball control is very inconsistent, especially considering he has 103 and 106 for those stats. I was expecting him to be one of the best players to run with, but that was far from true. His touch was sometimes very loose but then the very next attack he would be able to control it and cut past defenders with ease as if he was a different player. His Roulette often went too far ahead of him which resulted in him losing the ball to a waiting defender.

The only fully positive attribute was his passing, which was excellent. His crossing was extremely accurate and his short passing was always on point.

However, due to the very limited amount that passing influences games, that alone is not enough to make him worth the cost of opening packs and grinding live events to try and obtain.

So, due to the limited time that the Pre-Season promo has remaining and unless you have your heart set on getting Mkhitaryan, I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for a player to upgrade to 100 Overall. The likes of the aforementioned 99-rated Dirt Kuyt, who is actually better in many stats, so getting a 99 Overall player, plus a different 100 Overall player with the +1 Overall boost to all would be far better than getting Mkhitaryan. Federico Bernardeschi, who is far easier to obtain, seems to be far more enjoyable to use in game based on what I have heard when talking to others who have him.

Rating: 6/10

Value for 'Price': 4/10

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